Delta Kappa Chapter Mission And Vision


To realize the mission, Delta Kappa Chapter is committed to the upliftment of the general membership in our pursuit for fraternal excellence.

We will project a sincere sense of fraternalism and will be role models among different organization. Guided by its vision and mission the Delta Kappa Chapter aims to foster Leadership, Friendship and Service as a world class organization of highly-spirited professionals where virtue can thrive in people.


Delta Kappa Chapter – Alpha Phi Omega(Phils.) Inc. envisioned to be the leading family centerde3 chapter in the Philippines where virtue and spirituality reigns in every member.

The chapter will serve to provide a genuine passion for fraternal excellence and will open the windows of opportunities to all its members, prospective members and to all those that have any direct and indirect influence that eventually makes a society a wholesome place to live in where dignity and dynamism in the spirit of the scout oath and law can thrive.