Ryan Dayo April 16 at 2:22am Report

Three years ago, I found myself shedding the tears of joy in the midst of a circle formed by men and women who are gathered in the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Men and women, who, for months of training had taught, commanded, disciplined and molded me alongside with my batch mates. Isn’t it ironic how things in life could quickly turn? How sadness can turn to joy, how hopelessness can bring hopefulness, how miserable you felt yesterday yet how superior you feel right now?...

As a resident brother of APO, together with my fellow brothers and sisters, and my former Grand Chancellor Mark Anthony Bathan, we eagerly tried and did our best for the betterment of the organization. There are ups and downs, there are ‘tampuhans’ (misunderstandings) and there are also quite a number of good times. Though I am a young brother in APO, I can proudly say that these experiences from the past few years had taught me a lot and brought the best in me. Yes, life is ironic, but it is what it is. We may be down for sometime but I am glad and proud to say that there are brothers and sisters who are always there and will not leave you in times of trouble.

In this organization, we face a lot of challenges, how we view them defines us. Taking these challenges as hindrances and obstacles together with the negative connotations of problems could give us a great deal of wasted energy and negative mindsets. But, however we at Delta Kappa Chapter, choose to see these challenges as opportunities for us to grow and develop not only through our own selves but together as brothers and sisters with the help of God, we’ll forever be the STRONG MEN AND WOMEN OF ALPHA PHI OMEGA.

-Ryan Dayo. DELTA KAPPA.


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